fuck aol.

long story short (which i'll post in greater detail later), aim has blocked my screename, so if you're looking to get a hold of me (or have been wondering why i've been "signed off") you can reach me there at indeciSEAN for the time being -- hopefully this bullshit will be worked out soon but since it involves AOL chances won't. :-(

"i twisted my riddles 'round the number 7 7 7...

...and when you heard them you were in heaven heaven heaven..."

i'm one to believe that each and every day is an opportunity to hold up, catch your breath, and make a fresh start, but for those of you who need that 'lil bit of encouragement from the good 'ole gregorian calendar: you've got less than nineteen hours to get your shit together, and ring in 2007 by chasing after life...stop wondering where it's going, stop wondering where it went, stop wondering how you'll get to where you want to be, and do it. if you're feeling down and out, take a few minutes of your time before midnight, and then jump -- don't step -- towards where you want to be for the rest of your life...if you believe enough in what you're leaping into, life will catch you and hold you up higher than you ever imagined.

good luck, and happy new year.

2007...this is it.


Whether it's vested interest or not, this is something I'd appreciate everyone taking a minute or two of your time it a Christmas present to me, and countless other people who really can (and do) utilize this organization...
When my Father died, I chose this group as one of the benefactors of money that was coming in, in his name...granted, there are flaws, but they're trying really hard to offer something that not a lot of people really have a handle on. It's 2006, it shouldn't be that taboo, or at least seen as something that doesn't deserve a spotlight and proper funding -- regardless of the pitfalls which may exist, all we need is one less organization trying to fight a good fight.


With only a few days left before X-Mas, hours left in Michael Leavitt's term as Secretary of Health & Human Services and minutes left in Eric Broderick’s term as head of SAMHSA -- the Federal Government is working overtime to steal 1-800-SUICIDE instead of simply giving this non-profit the over $300,000 of already appropriated and earmarked funds that are still owed.
or visit:

Here is how you can help!

WRITE to the Feds and Tell Them to Pay the Funds they Promised!


Please pass this along -- every letter truly counts!
I leave in a few hours for New York -- my plane to New Mexico leaves early, early...I hope everything is on their way safely to whatever you call home for the holidays, and I hope that you all have the most wonderful Christmases (et al) possible. More later...


an open letter to the writers of the simpsons,
you are not cool for doing an homage to ali g (see here if you missed tonights episode). where the fuck were you all these years? fuck you.


p.s. the ipods keeping people as slaves thing at the end of the episode was however the most brilliant thing i saw -- 'till family guy a 1/2 an hour later where chester cheetah was doing lines of cheetos listening to rush. now that is entertainment.
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i love the fact that if i can't sleep, my livejournal is filled with russian artistes who're up at this hour (whatever hour it is in russia)...fucking awesome shit.

meanwhile...everyone cross their fingers, toes, arms, legs, and roads for emma today. say your prayers or make a wish or what the fuck ever, but do it in her name...awesome shit lies ahead.

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