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This is your pillow talking...

Benjamin just did our, as in mine and his -- compatibility, I guess you could call we do and do not function and what the dynamic of our relationship as individuals (but fused as one) can, it's time to dance.

The nature of the question is one of material gain, power, labor, wealth and contentment. This is the root of the powers of earth. Your personality is The Hermit or Nine of Trumps. Illumination from within, divine inspiration, wisdom and retirement from participation in current events. The nature of action is of the pursuit of pleasure crowned with perfect success. Peacemaking and generosity. But without care it could turn into dissipation, pity, waste and stagnation. The psychological basis is of building and intelligence applied to labor. It can be an intense strain with continued inaction, loss of money or monetary anxiety if there isn't enough energy to materialize the product of the labor. The Empress trump card represents Love, Beauty, Happiness, Pleasure, Success, Fruitfulness, Good Fortune, Graciousness, Elegance, Gentleness but only if there is Transformation. The Death card means the change may be voluntary or involuntary and perhaps sudden and unexpected. It can be an apparent death or destruction that is actually illusionary when viewed from a higher perspective. The transformation from seems to be from the Hermit to the Empress through change. There are forces operating beyond your control that could be regarded as destiny or karma. If you understand the forces you can adapt to them. There will be an increase of material things and a building up or a Growth. There will be a commencement of matters to be established later. There will be business and paid employment. The things to look out for are being selfish, greedy or seeking impossibilities. There will be ambition, hard work and endurance but there will also be temptation and obsession which could lead to a fate of materialism. A secret plan is about to be executed. There will be success and gain in material things. Power. Influence. Nobility. Philanthropy. This might be a somewhat dreamy and transitory situation.

There are two paths to choose from. The path your life would normally take without action: Pure, exalted and gracious influence enters the matter. Hence change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation. May be led away by enthusiasm unless careful balance is maintained. In spiritual matters it represents ideas, thoughts and that which endeavors to transcend earth. It represents the original, subtle, sudden impulse coming from strange and unexpected quarter. In material matters if not correctly manifested it can lead to folly, eccentricity or even mania. If you take this path you will find Redemption through sacrifice and suffering. If you resist Redemption you will find punishment, loss, defeat, failure and death.

The alternate choice is a young man whose characteristics are subtlety, secret violence, craft; an artist whose calm surface masks intense passion, caring intensely for power and wisdom and ruthless in his own aims. If taken to an extreme it could mean an intensely evil and merciless man with overweening ambition. There will be energy of high velocity as a goal is approached. Events will unfold swiftly but if too much force is applied too suddenly there will be a flash in the pan. Success will bring contradictory characteristics in the same nature. Sacrifice and trouble giving birth to strength. Quarrel made up and peace restored, yet tension still remaining. Pleasure after pain. Truth and untruth. Indecision. Actions sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish.

The nature of our friendship can be one of Hope. Unexpected help. Clarity of vision. Spiritual insight. Courage. Strength. Energy. Use of magical power. Control of the life force. Resort to magic. Reflecting the nature of the observer, dreamy, tranquil, poetic, imaginative, kind yet not willing to take much trouble for another.did our tarot...mine and his, that is...
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  • let the bodies hit the floor...

    shit like this makes me want to convert!!

  • wow...

    who else finds this fucking hilarious??

  • fuck aol.

    long story short (which i'll post in greater detail later), aim has blocked my screename, so if you're looking to get a hold of me (or have been…

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